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Spooked Turnip unearths history, magick and mystery in West Yorkshire and beyond.

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Psychic Readings

Whatever your desires, our mystics and psychics hold the cards that reveal your destiny.

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Dinosaur Divination

Play your part in the ultimate psychic experiment to determine the intuitive powers of the dinosaurs.

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Snippets and anecdotes from our endeavours in the field feature in this informal reference.

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Introducing Spooked Turnip

Welcome to the home of Spooked Turnip. Here you will find the deep, the soul-searching dark and the macabre, or maybe just the velvety touch of light or the beckoning finger of whatever kind of paranormal adventure your subconscious mind may be seeking, with or without your prior knowledge.

Spooked Turnip features parapsychology, ghosts, strange murders, occultists, magick and other things of paranormal interest. The paranormal is only just out of reach but in some circumstances our world and 'other worlds' meet and merge.

The Lantern Burns Bright

Many paranormal enthusiasts like Halloween better than Christmas or any other festival, probably because of its spooky nature. In times past, hollowed out vegetables would be used as lanterns on New Year's Eve.

In Ireland, hot coals were put inside large potatoes to create warmth and light during winter and in England, the original Halloween lantern was a turnip or swede hollowed out and then made in to a carrying lantern with the aid of a piece of string.