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Relief carving of a prentagram

The Baildon Pentagrams

There are often strange goings on in the sprawling village of Baildon, West Yorkshire. In January 2010, the white wooden church of St James, a lower Baildon landmark, was painted with six foot high pentagrams and an accelerant was poured through the church letterbox. The words 'Hail Grimm' were written on the church as well. Perhaps this was meant to be a revised version of the Catholic tradition of saying 'Hail Mary' though St James's is an Anglican, not Catholic church and Protestants do not generally say 'Hail Mary's' in their prayers but maybe the church attacker didn’t know that, which would mean that they were merely a mindless vandal and not in the least bit Satanic, as a local paper suggested. Baildon village is no stranger to pentagrams. Some years ago a large pentagram was found burned in to one of the greens at Baildon Golf Club.