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Canalside, Saltaire to Shipley, en route to the Bradford Canal

Canal Shows Spirited Side

The Bradford Canal has long since been filled-in but in its time it was the filthiest canal in the UK and was closed down and drained, not once but twice since it was built in the 1770s. Building canals was very dangerous work and there were a large number of casualties. The Bradford Canal, although full of dirt and disease was nonetheless well populated with traffic during its operational years.

Something dark and nasty lurks just by the bridge. A fellow ghost hunter had the nasty experience of his legs turning to jelly at the same spot some weeks previously. On dowsing the area the writer became extremely dizzy, had the experience of lots of brown water pouring down in a torrent and had an overwhelming compulsion to move away from the immediate area. The idea of torrents of water pouring down stayed well in to the next day. Altogether it was a very unpleasant experience, but one that all good ghost hunters have to go through from time to time. I would advise anyone with even slightly psychic tendencies not to visit this site at night.

The area nearby is now allotments and a football pitch but a chemical works used to stand on this site near the old Bradford Canal. Nearby is a narrow but busy road. Oswin Mill was previous situated on the other side of Gaisby Lane but was recently demolished after being set on fire in 2007. The mill was the former home of a double glazing company but had been unoccupied for some years. The area is directly on the cusp where Shipley meets Bradford. A few years ago a person was mugged on bridge according to reports in the local paper.

So who or what is the ghost or entity? Well, it could be someone formerly connected to Bradford Canal in some way or it could be someone who has had dealings with the area since. I could not find anything much on the internet about the area, but then the internet is only very recent. The reason for the ghostly happenings near the Gaisby Lane Bridge could well be lost in the mists of time. We used both an EMF meter and dowsing to ascertain a supernatural presence, but on top of this, everyone present had suffered unpleasant physical symptoms in the area either then, or previously.