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The Sun as a pale yellow sphere at sunrise

Bradford Meets Occult in Golden Dawn

Thomas H Pattinson was originally a Theosophist who became leader of the Golden Dawn's Horus Temple in Bradford. During 1879-80, Thomas H Pattinson had premises at 44 Manchester Road, Bradford, and resided at 24 Chesham Street, Bradford. By 1894, He had acquired premises at 6 Piccadilly, Bradford, while residing at 20 Westfield Terrace, Baildon. He was a jeweller and watchmaker.

Bradford, West Yorkshire, was at that time the wool capital of the north of England. In 1897, Bradford became a city. The Golden Dawn were represented in Bradford because during the late 19th century it was one of the most important trading areas in the UK.

Frederick Leigh Gardener was a London stockbroker and a member of the Theosophical Society as well as the Golden Dawn. When Florence Farr, the companion of playwright George Bernard Shaw, became leader of the Isis-Urania temple, she complained about the way Gardner treated Adepts. Gardner was later transferred by MacGregor Mathers to the Horus Temple in Bradford. Mathers realised that women made very good trance mediums and were needed for the new Occultism movement, so he sat on the fence, attempting to keep everyone happy. Thomas Pattinson assured Gardner; 'All the Horus fellows agree that they could not conform in any way to such treatment. 'No petticoat government would do for us in any way.' Ironically, following his death it was Thomas Pattinson's daughter who faithfully maintained her father's interest in Occultism in Bradford, albeit as a minor name in the field.