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Spooked Turnip unearths history, magick and mystery in West Yorkshire and beyond.

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Whatever your desires, our mystics and psychics hold the cards that reveal your destiny.

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Dinosaur Divination

Play your part in the ultimate psychic experiment to determine the intuitive powers of the dinosaurs.

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Snippets and anecdotes from our endeavours in the field feature in this informal reference.

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The Red Moon

The Cosmic Womb

Here we are talking about situations of entwined reality. What you think may have happened and what actually has happened. This is where parts of previously parallel realities have met and become interwoven. The veil has been drawn back a little, the curtain has opened and you have absorbed some of that experience in to your core being.

Events may have happened in your life that you cannot really explain. You believe you have an answer for the events but you have no official answer. These are inter-reality experiences in the paths between twilight and daylight. The best thing to do with these experiences is to set them out neatly and leave them as they are, because you have the actual CHOICE of having no answer at all. You don't need to have a 'yes' or a 'no' or a 'maybe', just a 'could be' or else no answer. You could call this an inter-irregular answer to perhaps something that did or did not happen in the cosmic womb.