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Platform 2 at Frizinghall Rail Station, Bradford

The Jackrabbit of Frizinghall

The Frizinghall Jackrabbit, also known as the Frizinghall or Manningham Bunnyman, terrorized passengers on the stretch of railway line between Manningham and Shipley in Yorkshire between approximately 1903 and 1908. There were a number of sightings of the creature, which was said to be about seven feet tall with large rabbit like ears and wearing a sort of rabbit costume. The Rabbit Man would sometimes appear both on and under railway bridges in the area and appeared to be able to jump great heights. Some people who had seen the Jackrabbit Man said he had 'burning orange eyes' and that he could jump on to the railway bridge from the ground.

I recently came across another Bunnyman story that has several similarities to the Frizinghall Bunnyman and that is the Bunnyman of Clifton, Virginia, USA. The difference though is that the Frizinghall Bunnyman may well be a sort of cryptid and was seen at different times of the year, not just on Halloween.