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Spooked Turnip unearths history, magick and mystery in West Yorkshire and beyond.

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Whatever your desires, our mystics and psychics hold the cards that reveal your destiny.

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Dinosaur Divination

Play your part in the ultimate psychic experiment to determine the intuitive powers of the dinosaurs.

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Snippets and anecdotes from our endeavours in the field feature in this informal reference.

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ceremonial staffs

Occult Paraphernalia of the Secret Societies

Secret societies and their rituals together with fraternities and brotherhoods, though archaic, are very much alive and going strong, still, in the 21st century, together with their occult-based ritual paraphernalia and also their ghostly followings from yesteryear; all feature here. Quite a scoop - its all going on. Note the triangle-in-circle, ritualistic hoops on the top of the staffs. There was also high paranormal activity, ascertained by dowsing of rooms as well as by 'ghostometer' EMF meter. We cannot however disclose the location of the action, save to say that the strangest of things happen in the most ordinary places.