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Snail within its shell on mossy footpath

Philosophy for the 'Ultimate' Path

No religion has the right to discriminate against any existing religion but only the right to promote its cause with a foundation that supports its cause. This could be said to be true of and appertain to, any religion on Earth.

People have tried to touch 'The Ultimate', 'The Core', at their own undoing. This could be said of certain well known people throughout history. Everyone has a right to do this, but all religion is essentially philosophy which provides a means and understanding for people to follow in a way that they can empathise with the original teachings, whatever 'The Book' of that religion.

Every religion has a right to exist and anyone who wants to found a religion has a right to do so. In addition, anyone who examines a religion is a philosopher and therefore a religion unto themselves.

Operation, not discrimination; every religion is a philosophy that may direct an individual to follow a certain path. Every religion has a philosopher, that philosopher being the brainchild of the religion. The philosophy of a religion has to have its own foundation and ability to overcome adversity without ‘playing dirty’ to get rid of it. It contrasts.

Certain people have tried to touch base both with their own existence and 'The Ultimate Existence' and have close contact with 'The Meaning'. The Meaning is The Ultimate, the be all and end all, 'The Creator'. People just take different routes and paths – different concepts of religion to get there. Some people get within touching distance of the True Meaning – they have touched the stars. The Meaning is definitive of everything The Ultimate is.

A human being can never be a god but the most a person can do is touch base with 'The Understanding'. There are some things that a person is not permitted to interact with. You cannot always touch base because some things are beyond the capabilities of the human mind to handle. But the unconscious mind is still capable of many things. In some cases a person is allowed to look but not touch. It is possible to look at a nuclear power plant, however what lies within the plant can both heal or harm depending in which way it is used, but a person cannot put their hand upon the Reactor itself.