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Spooked Turnip unearths history, magick and mystery in West Yorkshire and beyond.

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Psychic Readings

Whatever your desires, our mystics and psychics hold the cards that reveal your destiny.

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Dinosaur Divination

Play your part in the ultimate psychic experiment to determine the intuitive powers of the dinosaurs.

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Snippets and anecdotes from our endeavours in the field feature in this informal reference.

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Our readers are dedicated and passionate about their role in assisting you. They have been specifically chosen for their experience and abilities, gained and proven through their personal histories of commitment to the exploration of the psychic arts. Together, our goal is to provide a premium service that can always offer you an extra tool to unearth that which may otherwise and always remain hidden.

The enquirer is always the focal point for any reading. Your reader will serve as a psychic tour guide if you like, guiding you through your journey into to the unknown and whose knowledge and insight you may utilise as a means to unravel and explain the intrigue and mystery as you travel the Astral domain in search of your truth.

You also have the option to select from our extended range of divinatory methods which can be requested upon booking to form any part of your reading. Your reader will seamlessly integrate any such request into your reading to ensure logical reasoning and natural progression be maintained throughout its course.

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