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Spooked Turnip unearths history, magick and mystery in West Yorkshire and beyond.

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Psychic Readings

Whatever your desires, our mystics and psychics hold the cards that reveal your destiny.

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Dinosaur Divination

Play your part in the ultimate psychic experiment to determine the intuitive powers of the dinosaurs.

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Snippets and anecdotes from our endeavours in the field feature in this informal reference.

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Make your reading happen

There are many choices for which type of reading you may require and our experienced readers are happy to alternate as they speak to you.

Through the psychic option, your reader will attune to your psychic vibe as a means to explore and understand the hidden meanings behind your query. Spirit guides may come through during such readings to offer you further insight and instruction.

Your reader will always be equipped with a wide range of Tarot decks suitable for any need. Many other oracles and spiritual cards are readily available to provide greater scope and depth to your reading for a thorough exploration of the issue at hand.

Through the crystal ball your reader may foresee your future within the glass. As the mist within clears, the psychic connection is made and may your situation unfold before the eyes of your reader who will serve as both teller and guide.

Explore your Astral self with the guidance of your reader as you journey into the realms of Angels and Fairies. Offering depth, insight and understanding as to your true feelings and potential given any situation, let the Angels and Fairies inspire you.

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